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Even for unpaid it's fabulous. Documentation Documentation is lacking somewhat. There's a lot this code can do that you have to ask about to learn about. My main use is for my neighborhood HOA website. But I have used it on other community sites in the past.

My own Dada Mail Subscriptons plugin has been operational on this site for over a decade, and has almost no API issues. CB is rock solid! Constantly amazed by the frequency of updates Chance Korte 1. Posted on 23 November Ease of use Couldn't be easier. Support Support is always offered within 1 business day. Continuously amazed by the power of this extension Ed Peterson Posted on 07 June Functionality This extension works great, whether you want to use it just as a simple membership manager, or as a complex community management system.

Support Paid member support is fast and very helpful. I have had questions about how to do what I want and always get instructions quickly. Documentation Well documented and YouTube videos showing how to do most everything you need to. I build membership websites and have used CB for years. I continue to be amazed at what this extension can do. Every time I think of a new feature I want to add to a website, my answer back from the developers is it is already built in and they provide instructions to use it.

Perfect to make own social network without to develop it from zero Patty Mielech 2.

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Posted on 29 May Functionality It works like a charm. A lot of option with CB plugins paid, a little expensive but very powerful. Ease of use It's understandable how to use. Is a little bit more complicated more plugins you install. Support Support forum works perfectly and team is awesome. Documentation Good wiki is provided on developer website. I use this for a social community website, and it works very very well. Posted on 23 March Functionality Works like a charm. Everything you need and can possible thing for a social network is there.

Discreet Dating

Enough for a basic social network out the box. It also enables your users to modify their subscription by editing their profile on the front-end Provides geocode lookup for users addresses. This plugin updates user latitude and longitude coordinates from User address to be used with or without the Geommunity map module from http: Fill in these fields with your CB user address fields.

Getcbfield By Mardink Webdesign. The plugin Getcbfield can show a field from community builder. Download the file and install it as a Joomla! Under parameters the field to be shown can be selected. The firstname is shown by default. Customized fields can also be used. Place getcbfield in sprockeds in your content, the specified field will be shown.

This little plugin for Community Builder displays a 'Share this profile' button on every profile page. This button when clicked, opens Bootstrap modal popup with bookmark links for major social networks The plugin have many settings to fine control the final display in the user's profile: In a matrix of a custom number of rows and cols, display avatars from: Discreet Dating By Nordmograph. Discreet Dating is a powerfull non intrusive dating component for your Joomla community Community Builder, Jomsocial, EasySocial It shows to allowed users minimum age required a list of selected users according to their genre and location, and eventualy an optional sexual orientation field.

Building Social Networks with Joomla 3 with Ashwin Date

Tagging a user as 'Date' means that you would lik It includes all the required product or ar Adblock Detector By Nordmograph. This Joomla module checks if AdBlock is enabled on visitor's browser and if detection is successfull , it loads a large alert window explaining why the visitor should disable AdBlock on your site and reload the page. Soundcloud content By Nordmograph. This content plugin will replace in your articles also works in Virtuemart a soundcloud page url by the player itself!

It can be used in 3 different modes: Comments , autoplay and colors are also part of the parameters.

Community Builder

Enhance your Virtuemart business and SEO with this simple yet powerfull product tags cloud feature. Add tags to your products, display tagclouds etc VM2tags is a very simple solution to setup. Geommunity3 for Community Builder By Nordmograph. It provides various dynamic custom field, integration types and clustering filters. Map style is customizable. Read the online documentation for more informations. First Automatic friends plugin for Jomsocial.

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  4. It can process confirmed friendships or Friendship requests with default or custom message. It can friend from one or more users, and also every users. It processes for each new registered user, registering from the front or backend Background Youtube video By Nordmograph. This Joomla module shows a Youtube Video as your page background.

    Module has 2 modes: Video can be started from any time, looped, muted etc Module gets disabled automatically on Mobile device and for Robots Wishlists for Virtuemart By Nordmograph. Offers wishlists and compare features for Virtuemart3 customers: Wishlists , Havelists , Collection lists , Favelists , Wedding lists, Recurrent purchases lists , etc.

    Discreet Dating

    Unlimited lists wishlist havelist favlist etc A list can be set to Wedding list mode so that when a purchase is made from this list, product is removed from the list or tagged as purchased and list owner can b MyPlayer component is a user profile MP3 player for your Joomla community. Main features Profile MP3 player multiple audio formats supported HTML5 Unlimited players and Playlists per user Playlist privacy settings public, registered, friends, me Podcast feed per playlist Standalone or integrates wi Have your site members paid for adding and selling products in your shop!

    Here is a non exhaustive list of the exciting main features: Front end product form addition, edition, deletion Form includes product name, single or multi categories selection, short and long description, stock MyPlayer component is a user profile MP3 player for your Jomsocial community. Virtuemart AUP Payment processor package contains: On Virtuemart payment selection page, the user can select AUPoints or whatever you call it payment method from the AlphaUserPoints component. The Payment class then checks if the costumer has enough points available on Provides geocode lookup for users addresses.

    This plugin updates user latitude and longitude coordinates from User address to be used with or without the Geommunity map module from http: Fill in these fields with your CB user address fields. Once they reach the minimum points amount required, they can use this module to send a payment request to site Admin.

    Admin can then check if the point deduction is effective yet in one click AUP only and confirm Paypal payment with another click. It supports every currency Paypal does. This little plugin for Community Builder displays a 'Share this profile' button on every profile page. This button when clicked, opens Bootstrap modal popup with bookmark links for major social networks Batch Geocoder By Nordmograph. Mass import or update all your members Community Builder or Jomsocial Latitude and Longitude from their directions in a batch process!

    This Admin backend module shows a form where you can select a range of user IDs , choose to overwrite existing coordinates or not and click a 'process' button that gets users directions from CB, Jomsocial or EasySocial specific fields and sets a geocoding query Demo link shows Jomsocial version but it is similar to CB's.

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    Flip Countdown By Nordmograph. Display an animated Flip Countdown to a set date. This module has various options: The Calendar field alows you to set a date in the future with a hour and min Sample Profiles By Nordmograph. This is an administration module to be published in the cpanel admin position to let administrator generate fake sample profiles for EasySocial, Community Builder or Jomsocial or according to a large panel of settings including real locations, addresses and coordinates, nationality, date of birth, job, company, graduation year, gender etc Module has also the ability to delete all sample profile Create a nice responsive multi layers parallax scroll effect while visitors are srolling up or down your site.

    You can embed one or more instances of this module on one page, and embed other modules within as it can embed a new module position.


    This Joomla module shows a nice Parrallax scene animating when visitor scrolls up or down the page. It is composed by a background jpeg and 1 to 5 foregrou Geommunity Map for Easysocial By Nordmograph. This software is composed of a Joomla component and a Joomla module.

    Joomla! Extensions Directory

    The Joomla component has 3 main purposes: It provides global settings for the application Backend manager for Map objects FrontEnd Provide Ajax results to module requests The module is used to display the map. Here is a non exhaustive list of the application features: Google maps Geolocation of most of your EasySocial Communi This module will display a map of the upcoming jEvents events.

    It will adapt to the page where it is published, for example if you publish the module on a month view page, it will only display events for that month, same for years, days, category views etc Each event marker infowindow will show Event summary start and end date and time, location and event category. It will also show a Geo QRCod Make sure plugins are enabled from Virtuemart configuration page This simple Virtuemat VMcustom plugin allows you to add a custom price field to some products.

    When added, if the product price is set to 0, the customer decides the price. If a price is set, the customer can add a value to the price. The input value utomaticaly updates the item price. Plugin supports 'on the fly' currency conversion and sends a warning alert if page page is left or refreshed with Earn cash from getting your site's external links shortened. Also you can set this plugin for guests users only to encourage visitors to register your site. Create a nice abstract particles layout molecules, atoms , polygones, circles, custom picture , stars, snow, rain etc..