Dating a spoiled rich girl

But you do this willingly only because you know that your needs are also being met in this relationship. Any relationships requires give and take to make it grow — so if you are dating someone who does not care two hoots for you but expects to be pampered around all the time, then the relationship is doomed to flounder, despite your sincerest efforts in making things work. Look beyond appearances Even though it may be frustrating dating a spoiled brat, your partner may not necessarily bad person at heart.

Indeed your partner may have a charming, energetic and effervescent personality which takes delight in varied activities. Enhance yourself One of the most important things you should do while dating someone with the spoiled brat syndrome is to work on your own desirability as a partner.

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Brush up your looks, get an attractive hairstyle and adopt a personal style which plays up your best features. Go to the spa or salon and pamper yourself to a facial, pedicure and manicure. Along with working on your looks, enhance your personality as well. Sign up for a course or join a new hobby club.

Focus on your career and cultivate social as well as business contacts. The more successful you are in your professional and social circuit, the sooner your partner will realize and respect your worth as well as the fact that you are not someone who can be ordered around.

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Establish the boundaries of your professional and personal hours and let it be known that you cannot be disturbed during these times. Your partner may react to these changes by fretting, shouting or throwing temper tantrums. Recognize the tantrums for what they are — a familiar attempt to discard responsibility and get someone else to do their bidding.

Results 1 to 15 of Anyone dated a rich girl? By rich girl I of course mean her daddy has a lot of money.


Dating one right now, and I'm trying to think of potential pitfalls and problems that I will run into. Its gone good so far, we've gone on a few dates and they were very enjoyable, she doesn't seem like a kunt.

Obviously I can't compete with her daddy's wealth. Is the relationship doomed from the start? Just profit make her buy u stuff. Take what you can because the honestly and sad reality, I'm sorry is that you probably aren't marriage material for daddy's daughter. He will probably hook her up with his golfing buddy's son or something.

Take what you can and run. She got everything from her mother She worked a normal job..

Anyone dated a rich girl? How did it turn out?

The only thing that bothered me was she had no idea about money since she never had to think about it Dated a spoiled rich girl. She lived in a rich neighborhood and had the biggest house there. Her dad had millions in the bank. She wrecked her car several times and even though it wasn't totaled she got new cars to replace them. She was a great girl really, but she was spoiled rotten at the same time.

It didn't work for mainly other reasons but money was part of it.